How The Andros is dealing with the drought in Cape Town

To limit the use of the city’s municipal water and upon advice from the city to find alternative water sources we’ve taken the decision to make greater use of our borehole water. This will hopefully save some municipal water for those citizens who do not have a borehole/alternative water sources.

We understand that any water source is incredibly precious and we continue to ask our guests for their co-operation.

  • Water savers have been installed in EVERY water outlet/tap/shower throughout the property
  • Limited time in the shower - 90 seconds
  • All bath plugs have been removed
  • Waterless hand cleaners throughout the hotel
  • Limited linen/towel/laundry service
  • Flushing toilets only when absolutely necessary

Making use of ground water has enabled us to avoid staff retrenchments as we are still in a position to offer guests a comfortable stay and thereby avoid cancellations. This in turn helps us to support some 200 people that are directly reliant on our staff compliment for survival.

We remain
with pleasure and entirely at your service

The Andros Team

Andros Boutique Hotel in Cape Town received an Afristay 2018 Hotel Travellers' Choice Award.
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